This could be you…
“It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes…
My business will never be the same again.”
*Space Is Limited.
  •  How would you like to be featured in national news media? To be asked for your opinions and approached for interviews for your “thought leadership?” 
  •  What if your podcast was downloaded tens of thousands of times every month by qualified, targeted prospects? 
  •  What if your YouTube channel drove hot leads to your business every month on repeat? 
  •  What if you could double your email list without even trying? 
  •  And double your profit...all by spending just a few hours...every six months. 
Hi there, I’m Dallin and over the past decade I’ve had the chance to help hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders share their stories with the world. 

Some have used stories to share or sell their ideas. Others have used stories to sell their products and services. 

While their goals differed, their outcome was the same. By sharing their personal stories, they increased their impact, influence, and their income. That’s because...

A Well-crafted Story is the 
Most Powerful Force in the World
As humans, we crave connection. And from the beginning of time, people have connected with one another through stories. Those who were more experienced could pass down the knowledge they’d gained, so the new generation would be able to survive and thrive.

Whether it was a painting on a wall, words from a book, or a conversation around a campfire, stories have been, and always will be, at the center of our lives. 

Because stories “help us make sense of the world, and communicates our values and beliefs. A good story makes us think and feel, and speaks to us in ways that numbers, data, and presentation slides simply can’t.” (Forbes)

They have the power to inspire, protect, build credibility, change minds, build ideas, create emotion...and even, grow your business. 

“A clearly communicated story is the backbone 
of a strong marketing strategy."
- Forbes Magazine
Your story gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace because your story is unique. Someone may be able to copy your products, but NO ONE can ever steal your unique, personal story. 

And when your prospective customers, clients, and followers understand WHO you are and WHERE you’ve come from, it suddenly becomes MUCH easier for them to know, like, and trust you. 

Walls and barriers that may have been up start to fall. They experience similar epiphanies and breakthroughs as you. And they are able to relate to you, person-to-person. 

Not to mention that with the right story, your value, and the value of what you sell, can skyrocket.
To show you what I mean, let me tell you about a study done by two researchers named Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn. 

The pair were studying whether or not stories could affect sales. And so to test their theory, they bought a bunch of seemingly worthless products for about $1.50 a piece. 

Then, they reposted the products on eBay, but with a simple story in the product description. 

The stories were not elaborate. But they hoped their simple stories would help potential buyers to create a connection with the object. 

As a result of a simple story in the description, their $1.50 investments turned into nearly $8,000, showing how powerful a story can be for even simple, inconsequential things. 

But having a “good” story 
is just the beginning
Especially if you’re trying to use your story in any aspect of your business. 

For every story that captivates and inspires, there are at least twice as many that just seem to fall flat. 

It’s not that the story isn’t powerful because these are amazing business women and men who have inspiring and powerful stories to share. 

But when the story is inconsistent with a sales offer, the content is confusing, or there’s fear, imposter syndrome, or a focus on the wrong details, the story and their message falls flat. 
There is a way around this though…
Whether you sell info-products, ecommerce, are a coach or consultant, or you sell your services, a strong story strategy can help you…
  •  Become a thought leader and the “go-to” expert in your market.
  •  Double your followers and email list.
  •  Deepen the connection you have with your “tribe.” 
  •  Increase your impact.
Oh ya, and you can sell A LOT more too. All through using what I like to call...
The Science of StorySelling
It’s been said that “People would rather invest in a human than a company,” and my StorySelling Formula is a strategy that blends what makes you human – your unique story – with proven marketing principles. 

This not only helps you connect with your viewers on a much deeper level, but also creates an insane demand for your products and services, while establishing you as a “go-to” authority and influencer in your niche. 
There are 3 elements in 
the StorySelling Formula.
A Compelling Story
An Offer
A Sales Funnel
First, you need a compelling story. The key is knowing which stories are the right ones that will resonate with your market, and will also convey the message you want. If one is mismatched, it’s game over before you even begin. 
Second, you must have an offer. This process IS called StorySelling after all. This is something that your market already needs or wants. And your story helps bridge the gap between where your potential prospect currently is, and your product (the solution to their problems). 
Finally, you need a sales funnel. Sales funnels help direct your prospect through each part of the sale from start to finish. 
When you have those three things, anything is possible. Just look at one of my clients Julie. 
Julie Stoian
VP of Marketing, ClickFunnels
Founder, Create Your Laptop Life
At the time she’d been building an agency on her own for a couple years. And she’d had quite a bit of success – her offer and her sales funnel were converting. In less than 3 years of being in business, she’d generated close to $1 million in total revenue. 

Since we knew her offer and sales funnel worked, we focused on getting her story right so she could sell more of her signature product. And when we did, and everything changed. 
“It worked so well I ended up featured on Forbes…
My business will never be the same again.”
In addition to being featured in national news media, her podcast had an extra 20,000 downloads within 6 months. 

Her email list nearly tripled in size, from 8,000 to 21,000 qualified leads. Her Facebook followers more than doubled from 4,000 to 10,000+. 

And her bottom line revenue jumped to more than $1 million in profit in less than 12 months. 

The best part though is that she barely spent any additional time to make it happen. 

We spent about 2 days together implementing the StorySelling Formula in her business, and created everything she’d need for the next 6 months. 

So let me ask you…
How powerful would it be if you could 
get similar results in your own business? 
Would you be able to impact and influence more people? Make more sales? Increase your income? 
Believe me when I say…
You. Can. Do. It. 
The StorySellers Academy
The fastest way to use your unique expertise and authority 
to sell more, serve more, and scale your business to a whole new level!
As Used By...
The StorySellers Academy is the exact process start-to-finish that I follow with each of my clients so they can serve more and sell more as the “go-to” expert in their industry.
Or, to think of it another way, it’s the exact process I follow to help turn you into the “Oprah” of your industry. It’s called...
The Oprah Effect
Oprah Winfrey is considered to be one of the most well-known, well-loved, and influential people in the world. 

When she speaks, people listen. When she recommends a book, people buy and read it. When she talks about a product, people start using it. And when she endorses a person, people immediately trust them. 

Researchers call it “The Oprah Effect,” and regardless of how you may feel about Oprah, the effect is a powerful example of the impact that can come with Influence.
But How Did She Do It? 
She shared her personal story on her television show, and invited everyone watching to join her on her journey. 

Viewers shared in her successes, like when she was nominated for an Oscar. And they shared in her sorrow and frustration, like when she struggled to keep off the weight she’d lost.

As a result, she became a guide for others because she was a person they could relate to. She inspired her viewers to create their best lives, regardless of what life looked like at that particular moment. By sharing her personality and her personal story, viewers became emotionally connected to her and even now, still feel like she has positively impacted their lives. 
Your Followers Want That Experience From YOU Too
And You Can Create It For Them By StorySelling 
When you implement the principles of StorySelling into your business, you naturally become a “guide” and the “go-to expert” within your industry. People naturally start to seek you out for interviews and advice. Potential customers and clients are naturally attracted to you and subscribe to your channels and lists. And because of your positioning, when you share your thoughts, opinions, or call to action, people will listen and follow you too.
How Do I Know This is For Me?
Let me ask you a few questions…
  •  Are you an Influencer, coach, online business owner, course creator, service provider, speaker, consultant, or someone who has a message and mission to share with the world? 
  •  Have you ever felt like you know you could (or should) be doing more with online video, but you just aren’t sure what to do? 
  •  Have you tried using “stories” in your business, but haven’t seen many results? 
  •  Have you tried to get a solid ROI from your marketing, without much success? 
  •  Do you own an online business that is currently making at least $30,000 or more each month? 
  •  Do you already have a sales offer and/or a sales funnel that is converting?
  •  Do you wish you had more prospects knocking on your door every month...without having to pay for a ton of ads? 
  •  Do you wish you had more content to support your followers (even if you don’t want to create the content yourself?)
  •  Do you have (or want to have) a podcast/YouTube channel/Instagram account? 
  •  Do you want more impact, influence, and income to come from your marketing...all while spending less time on it?  
If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions, then your business WILL benefit from what you’ll discover inside the StorySeller's Academy. 
However, if you’re looking to show off, make fast cash, land brand deals overnight then this program is not for you. 

But if you’re at the beginning of your journey and you want to build an audience who know, love, and trust you, who are ready to buy from you at any moment, then the StorySelling Academy is perfect, and will help you get those results even faster. 
What Will it Take to Implement StorySelling?
Each time a client hires me to help them implement StorySelling in their business, I take them through an 8-step framework. This process helps us discover and develop their story so that it connects and converts a potential prospect into a loyal customer. Here’s a quick overview of each step:
Here's What You'll Get...

Discover Your Story

Our first goal is to discover the unique stories and messages that will help you serve your audience more fully. We do this through a simple process called “Story Therapy.”

Develop the Hero Within

StorySelling is most powerful when there is a “hero” who leads the charge. And today, that hero is YOU! We use a unique process to help position you as an influential leader or “guide” your customer can look to within your industry. We also use this same process to help you turn your followers into leaders in their own lives – with you as their guide, they become heroes in their own life stories too!

Create Your Roadmap

You have goals and dreams you want to accomplish. There are metrics you’ll want to hit, both for your influence and your income. We want to help you get there faster. Here, we make sure the stories we share are the exact ones that will help us achieve your dreams of impact, influence, and income. The plans we set here will help make sure that every piece of content is created with a clear purpose.

Build Your Brand

Everything we do must support your brand, or help you build one (if you don’t currently have one). In this section we make sure that every video we create supports your business, your offers, and your working funnels. We also make sure that every piece of content leads to a clear revenue source. 

Plan Your Content

Now we start getting into the fun part! In this section I’ll show you how to plan your content, know what types of content to create, what to say, how to say it, and more. I’ll show you how to streamline the process with SOP’s so your team can help (or even just do it for you) from start to finish.

Create Your Content

It’s time to film! Over 2-3 days you’ll be able to film 6-12 months of content that by this point, have been planned, scripted, and prepared for maximum impact and reach. You’re finally ready to capture your purpose-filled message on video.

Double Your Impact

In this session, you’ll discover our editing strategy so you can maximize your reach, while minimizing your output. I’ll show you how to repurpose each video into multiple types of content that can be used on social media, blogs, podcasts, and more. You’ll also see how to prepare each new piece of content for specific platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any sales funnels or courses you have. And everything is streamlined so whether it’s you or a member of your team, the job gets done right the first time.

Publish and Deploy

The work is done and the only thing left is for you to make it go Live! I’ll show you exactly what to publish when, how to get more views for your videos, and how to repurpose your content so you get more done with less work. Using our simple strategy, you’ll be able to use your new content to attract new followers and leads organically on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Ads, Live Events, and more!
As a member of the StorySellers Academy, you’ll discover how to accomplish each of these with precision, every single time. 
Want More Results, Quicker? 
join The Master StorySellers VIP Coaching Experience And you'll also get...

Three 1:1 Quickstart Sessions with Dallin 
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

Get up and running as fast as possible with three personalized one-on-one quickstart sessions. I’ll make sure that each session is jam packed with value so you’re able to start seeing results with the StorySelling Academy as soon as possible. 

Live Group Calls with Dallin 
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

You’ll also get access to our weekly group calls. Get your questions answered live, and learn from the other Master StorySellers who are members of the StorySelling Academy. 

Script and Video Reviews 
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

As you’re preparing to film your content, I’ll review your video script to make sure each video will actually accomplish what you want it to. Once you’ve filmed the video, I’ll help make sure the final video is as good as it can be before you release it to the world. 

Video Editing Templates and Guides
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

These style guides and templates are a the go-to resources for your video editing team. This alone is worth the cost of admission - it has saved us so much time and made all of our videos look amazing and perform incredible well!

Full Content Workflow Set up 
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

I’ll also share my complete workflow from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about setting it up on your own. Basically click the button and you’ll have the complete workflow in your own personal account. 

2 Additional StorySelling Courses
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

As you start using StorySelling in your business, it’s essential to make sure you’re telling (and selling) with the right stories. So to help you find the perfect story for your promotion, I’m also including two of my favorite courses. First, is my Story Therapy course. In this training you’ll have everything need you need to discover the stories you already have hidden within you, to persuade others, provide solutions, and profit. 

Second, you want to make sure you’re able to convey your story in a way that connects with your audience. In my Creating Videos that Connect and Convert mini course, I’ll show you how to structure your videos so you can maximize your connection, impact, and income. 

Access to the Invite-only StorySellers Mastermind
(For Master StorySellers + VIP members)

Here you and your team will be able to interact with the other StorySellers who are automating their businesses. You’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback from me, my team, and the other members of the community mastermind. Who knows, you may even find your next JV, affiliate, or business partner!
One-Time or Monthly Payment Options
  • Lifetime Access To StorySelling Program
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonuses Resources
One-Time or Monthly Payment Options
  • Lifetime Access To All Course Content
  • Three 1:1 Quickstart Sessions with Dallin
  • Live Group Calls with Dallin 
  • Full Content Workflow Set Up
  • Video Editing Templates and Guides
  • 2 Additional StorySelling Courses
  • Script and Video Reviews
  • Access to the Invite-only StorySellers Mastermind
 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you don't love it, you don't pay for it! All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee,
so you can feel 100% confident giving it a try!
What Types of Results Can You Get? 
I’ve already mentioned how you can use this process to become the “Oprah” of your industry, get featured in national news media outlets, add targeted leads to your pipeline through social media, and increase your impact (and income.) 

But that’s just on the front end. Because once you set this up, the process takes VERY little time for you to maintain. A member of your team can manage everything so you only have to focus on the StorySelling Formula for a few days every 6 months. 
As a result, you’re able to focus on the parts of your business you’re the best at, while still being able to deliver a steady stream of content to your followers. It’s basically hands off (for you). 

You’re able to connect with your audience in a much more deep, impactful way. And the followers who connect, stick with you through thick and thin. 

Because they finally believe in someone they follow online. They relate to YOU. And they trust you. 

With just a few days of work, you have a basically turnkey system that creates thousands of leads, views, and sales that most other influential entrepreneurs only dream of. 

So just to recap...
Here’s Everything You Get
When you join the StorySelling Academy Today you get access to: 
  •  The StorySelling Academy ($2997 Value) 
  •  3 Quick Start Sessions with Dallin ($1997 Value) 
  •  Weekly Group Calls with Dallin ($997 Value) 
  •  Script and Video Reviews ($1497 Value) 
  •  Full Content and Workflow Setup ($797 Value) 
  •  Story Therapy Mini-Course ($199 Value)
  •  Creating Videos that Connect and Convert Mini-course ($199 Value)
Total Value: $9481
But when you become a member of the StorySellers Academy today, you can have access for a fraction of that. 
One-Time or Monthly Payment Options
  • Lifetime Access To StorySelling Program
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Bonuses Resources
One-Time or Monthly Payment Options
  • Lifetime Access To All Course Content
  • Three 1:1 Quickstart Sessions with Dallin
  • Live Group Calls with Dallin 
  • Full Content Workflow Set Up
  • Video Editing Templates and Guides
  • 2 Additional StorySelling Courses
  • Script and Video Reviews
  • Access to the Invite-only StorySellers Mastermind
It’s been said that “facts tell, and stories sell.” And based on my experience, I know that’s true. Over the past decade I’ve been able to help more than 100 entrepreneurs and business owners profitably sell their products, ideas, and services through powerful, unique, and compelling stories. But now...
The choice is yours
If you want to increase your impact, influence, and income in the world, StorySelling can help you do it faster than you ever thought possible.

I’ve basically laid out everything you need step-by-step. So you technically could go out and try to start implementing it on your own. If you do, just be prepared for some trial and error (remember, no one gets something totally perfect on their first try). You’ll have to invest a lot of time, money, and energy to figure out how to make things really move like you know they could. Or, you could...
Let me help you.
I’ve spent the last 10 years making mistakes so today, you don’t have to. You’ll be able to speed up your results and start seeing a greater impact and income within just a few weeks. 

I believe You have a unique, and powerful story. And there are people searching for your unique message; for your products; for your services. 

When you follow and implement the simple systems I’ve set up in the StorySelling Academy, your business will grow. Your impact and influence will increase. You’ll be able to make a bigger difference (and a bigger income) than ever before. 

And while I can’t guarantee your results (your results will always be based on what you implement and the work you actually do), I can guarantee you’ll never know what’s possible unless you try. 
I can’t wait to meet you and work with you inside the StorySelling Academy.
To Your Success,
Featured Clients I've Served With STORY:
Alison Prince
E-commerce Business Coach
Because I Can Clan
Founder, Teachable
Emily Hirsh
Marketing Expert
Hirsh Marketing
Danielle Leslie
Influencer and Coach
Heather & Peter Reese
It's A Lovely Life
Tobi Fairley
Design Pro and Business Coach
Frequently Asked Questions
What is StorySelling?
StorySelling is a process we use to blend your unique story, with proven marketing principles that help you persuade and sell your customers. StorySelling helps your prospects and customers understand who you are, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and helps them see the power your products and services can have in their own lives. 

It helps you create an emotional, personal bond with your followers. Whether you want to share your ideas, sell your products, or serve people in a more impactful and influential way, StorySelling gives you the tools and power to do it. 
How do I know if the StorySellers Academy is right for me? 
Great question! To answer that, let me ask YOU a few questions! :) 

Do you own a successful online business? 
Do you have (or do you want to build) an online following?)
Do you want to be featured in media like Forbes, Entrepreneur, or Business Insider? 
Do you want to be an “Influencer” for other people’s lives? 
Do you want to be able to have a steady stream of people who discover your content WITHOUT having to pay for ads? 
Do you actually care about serving other people? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the StorySelling Academy is perfect for you. It can help you build your business and increase your income to an entirely new level. 
What kind of ROI can I get from having a video?
People I’ve worked with have gotten more clients without having to pay for ads, made more sales, gotten asked to speak, been interviewed, and have even been featured on national media outlets (like Forbes). 

Obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll get a specific result. But I can guarantee that you’ll have to work harder to get the same results when you don’t have an Origin Story Video to work on your behalf. 
How long do I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access to the program!
Is there a way I can have you do it for me?
Yes! If you’d like me to be a bit more involved as you become a StorySeller, there are few ways I can help. First, you can choose to take advantage of the Academy Coaching. You’ll still be doing the work, but I’ll be able to guide you through the process on a more individual level. I’ll be able to personally help you through any roadblocks from start to finish. 

There’s also my “done-for-you” service where I actually fly to your home or office. Me and my team take care of everything from start to finish. If you’d like to take advantage of this, you can contact me here
What if I’m scared of being on camera?
That’s actually a very common fear. Practice will help you improve, but I do have a process that helps set even the biggest fears at ease. I’ll share ways to make it so you even forget the camera is there!
What if there are stories I don’t want to share?
If there’s something you specifically don’t want to share, you don’t have to share it. However, I have found it’s often the “thing” you’ve been worried about sharing that helps people relate and “bond” with you the most. 
Can’t I just do this on my own or with the ads I already run?
It’s true; you’ll naturally be able to build your brand as people see your ads. However this is a much more intentional strategy that helps you share your story in a profitable way. It also helps you build your brand as you reuse the content across multiple platforms.
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